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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
Funny story about that, in high school I was BOTH of those kids.

But I think the idea that Del Zotto gets "called out" while Stralman just shows up, plays, and goes home without a peep has alot of merit. I think it's primarily because of the players they are. Del Zotto is flashy and can skate through a whole team on his way down the ice. He takes risks and as such is prone to do things that make you punch holes in the wall. Stralman is the opposite. He won't knock you over but he also doesn't do anything really asinine.

In their positions, bottom 4 defenders, I usually go for the more quiet responsible type. I usually go for the flash, but for the risks Del Zotto takes, I'd like to see him take it to that next level. To be that Dan Boyle or Keith Yandle. Right now Del Zotto is kind of stuck in the middle. He's always playing out of the box like an offensive D should, but he's not quite producing at an elite level yet. He can still get there, and I'd love to see him get there. As of now, I trust Stralman's steady game more.

And like I said, more even powerplay time on the blueline is less of a reflection on Del Zotto than it is something I think could benefit the team as a whole. I think we get a bit stale and predictable on the PP with the constant use of Richards And Del Zotto. And whenever we do get a reprieve from those two it comes in the form of Girardi missing the net by 30 feet. I think Stralman and McDonagh have the skill to be mixed in there more and give us a different look.

And I'm never gonna stop bullying Del Zotto. We're both young Italian kids, that's what we do
That's one thing I had in mind that I forgot to mention. If DZ were to play entirely on the defensive side of the game, he would be a much better defensive defenseman then he is right now. However, that's not in his hockey sense, that's not in his DNA. Even Torts said that DZ is at his best both defensively and offensively (including on ice decisions, positioning, adaptability) when the PP is clicking (with him on the PP of course).

Some pegged Stralman as having offensive abilities but a cake with chocolate drizzle is not a chocolate ganache cake. DZ's defensive shortcomings are suppose to be there. Sens fans makes remarks on Karlsson's defense in a similar fashion sometimes. Letang can be a defensive nightmare in a lot of situation as well. -31-'s post about the Leetch standard is on point.

Stale is at the bottom of the DZ confusion. Stralman is new to be famed. Moore is new on Broadway. DZ has been getting better quietly without much of a breakout (not even a breakout season, just a breakout).

I can't back this up with posts but I remember there definitely some comments on DZ's personality and him away from the game of hockey and it's not because he's an ass or anything because he's not. You can criticize Pat Kane for his shenanigans but DZ isn't even at that level. He's certainly Pat Kane-ish and Kane receives his hate for that from lots of hockey fans and I think DZ gets hate for that as well.

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