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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I still think the Steelers can have a good year. Troy and Woodley look healthier than they have in years. The defensive front 7 and safety spots look deep. A little thin at CB but Cortez and Ike are very solid starters.

They have a young talented O-Line that can grow together throughout the year and hopefully get better as it goes. I like the WR group. The RB group should get a boost once Bell gets back.

The Steelers won't fire their coach. It just won't happen. The guy has warts in his coaching but he's won 65% of his games and gotten to two Super Bowls. They won't fire that kind of coach.

They suffered through a similar transition period under Bill Cowher in the late 90's once the Rod Woodson's, Greg Lloyd's etc. moved on. Tomlin is going through that know with the departures of Harrison, Hampton etc. But he should come out of it fine if Jarvis Jones and some of these other guys pan out.
Considering all the great pass-rushers the Steelers face this season, they don't have much time to "get it together".... and by that I mean Week 2 against the Bengals. Ben could be on IR by the time the line starts to gel.

The Chargers released Starks today. He struggled in the preseason, but he's still better than Gilbert and Adams right now. The hell with zone-blocking, protecting the franchise QB is more important.

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