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08-30-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
I've been a part of this Wednesday morning league for probably like 7 years now. For the first time, I played for a different team, against my old team. It wasn't permanent, but when your team has 7 on the bench and the other team has 3, you switch.

Was a lot of good fun too, some teammates playing me extra hard, chirping me, playing extra physical against me (not in a way that would hurt me but just to mess with me.) I got tripped up going for a puck along the boards in the neutral zone and slid to the faceoff circle close to the blue line. As I was getting up, a teammate of mine, that I was playing against, came in and knocked me back down. It was definitely fun to play against them for once and puts the league into different light.

I did talk to the guy who runs the league last week about maybe blowing up the league because as long as I've been there, the core of each team has stayed the same. I've always played against those guys and never really got to know any of them. It's definitely fun to play against the guys you know. I really wish they'd blow the league up so you can get to know everybody better because my other league does that once a year. You get a chance to play with everybody and as a result, get to become friends with everybody in the league. Everyone skates harder but cleaner throughout the entire league there. It's just a lot more fun overall because it's never "I hate losing to THOSE guys," it's "Oh hey, great game <name>, you were on fire." It's still as competitive as my Wednesday morning league but just a lot more friendlier.
I like leagues like that. Where it's a gentleman's greet and end game and it isn't sulking but more of that shake hands and respect the guys on the other team.

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