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08-31-2013, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsrback View Post
I respect your constructive opinion but disagree with you. Do not get me wrong. I like Plek, but top 6 forwards of CONTENDING teams make things happen during the playoffs and don't just retract and backcheck. Your arguments have been served since 5-10 years by Sharks' and Canucks' fans, while these teams have seen their window disappear. Good GM's make the tough decisions and leave the emotions away when they are committed to win. Look at the Bruins' moves since 5 years...

By the way, would the Bruins have Plek as a top 6 centerman...answer the question and this might put some light in your arguments. BTW, Plek's contract is too expensive to keep him as a 3rd center...just in case...
Plekanec is suffering the same problem as Saku Koivu, which is playing as our 1st line center when he would be the PERFECT 2nd center. He IS a 1st line center but a bottom tier, that could work if our 2nd line center is also in the 1st center category but DD is not, FAR from it.

Plekanec would be just fine as a 2nd center in a contender team, there's isn't even a doubt about that.

As for Plekanec with the Bruins, just imagine Plekanec with Lucic and Horton on each of his wings, I bet he'd easily be a 70 pts player.

Plekanec in the recent years had to play with defensive players and plug like Darche, Moen, White etc... he still manage to produce at a very respective rate.

I'm sorry but your evaluation of Plekanec is completely flawed.

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