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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
It's the great flaw of the religion of science to forget that, as sound as the method is, at its heart it remains "the best we have", not the objective truth the zealots in lab coats believe it to be.

There is a piece of human experience that remains firmly outside the realm of measurable/tested/quantifiable "truth"... Ignorance if its existence doesn't negate it any more than juvenile comparisons.

Besides, if you could see what I see, you'd know that the spaghetti monsters steer clear of impacting the game for fear of being eaten by the Zombie mafia who patrol the invisible sports world realm...
I reject your claim. There are at least two flaws in your claim:

1) Hockey statistics has not demonstrated that it is a "science". At best, it closer to economics and "political science" than it is to physics or chemistry.
2) Many of us who work with data and theory for a living, probably most, recognise that there is a difference between that which is known and that which can be known. "Momentum" has at this point not been measured, apparently. That does not imply that it will never be measured, nor does it imply that it does not exist. It just means that the crude methods employed by Sabremetrics people have not convincingly isolated the momentum factor.

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