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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
It is human arrogance and ego which believes that we can or will eventually "know it all".

Understandably uncomfortable for such egos to accept or make peace with being unable or incapable of ever being the omnipotent god created by the very same collective ego....
I'm not saying that we can eventually "know it all". Maybe we will one day understand momentum, or not. However, you seem to be saying that momentum is:

1) Real
2) Will never be understood.

I don't see that as very rational or justified. There are a lot of other possibilities, such as momentum is an illusion, or momentum is real and will be better understood in 25 years.

There is no "arrogance" here. We are discussing the issue of momentum in hockey, not the existence of God.

Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
Funny thing is that the true experts in this realm understand better than anyone that at its highest levels, human performance is always ultimately subject to a degree of "chance" no calculation can predict. Control what you can and find peace with what you can't... A simple wisdom that weak egos are unable to comprehend.
Chance can be modelled quite effectively, there's a field of math call probability, and another, related field called statistics.

There's obviously a lot of chance in hockey. If you have a 50% faceoff guy going up against a 50% faceoff guy, your best model to predict what happens next, to predict who wins the faceoff, is the coin toss.

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