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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
I don't think you understand the concept. Dropped passes do happen every game. However what % of passes thrown are dropped? More significantly what % of passes to Welker are dropped? It's very low. 90+% of the time you would expect Welker to make the catch. The Giants got "lucky" in that the rare/unlikely scenario occurred. The Giants didn't do anything that made Welker drop the ball. It just happens sometime.
That was not an easy catch. The ball was thrown behind him and Welker had to reach back across his body. However, all these things you are mentioning are not luck. It is called, making a play vs not making a play. Each play you bring up, the Giants made the play and the opponent did not. "Luck" would have been if Brady got hurt in the AFC Championship game and the Giants got to face the back-up. If you want an example of "luck", look to the Jets in 2009 when the Colts pulled Peyton in the 2nd half, handed the Jets the game and they got in the play-offs.

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