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08-31-2013, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I am starting to like you more and more lol

I have always thought the exact same thing. I despise announcers of all of the major sports as they are typically mindless sheep that spew these ridiculous truisms.

Football commentator's might be the worst as they always refer to the teams that run the ball for x number of yards usually win the game. The truth is that more often than not they run the ball so much because they are already winning. Simple cause and effect that NONE of them can seem to grasp.

Critical thinking needs to be taught aggressively in our schools in order to weed out these irrational thought processes. I have been diligent with my children in building this skill, but sometimes have to reel them in as they can become too vocal and end up insulting some nice people who just happen to have ignorant views.
the guys who hired them should be ashamed (and ideally fired), how dare they hire a sport anouncer without an important scientific background!

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