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08-31-2013, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Well to me a scout putting down a player, because his skating need improvement means that the has a subpar skating relative to others players of his age, if not that doesn't make any sense. This argument would be contrary to what almost everyone have said about McCarron who is said to have a good skating for his age/size and if he has a normal progression will have a good nhl skating level. It's the first time that I've read that skating was still an issue for the guy.

Then again I'm waiting for seeing him by myself playing with the Knights to really have my own opinion on this matter.
Honestly, as I stated before, that doesn't sound to me like the best of scouts. Was a stupid statement made and him talking about his skating, is really not about comparing players his size but just mentioning a flaw, to which we all realize it still is. When somebody mentions "he skates well for a guy his size", you know that it's a weakness as, if he'd be really skating wouldn't add "for a guy his size". Scout stated the obvious along with other stupid Lucic reference thing.

Which opinion should you trust more? A guy that has seen him a few times on a olympic ice or his coaches, habs guys, Grant, who has combined seen him more than this scout has and while recognize it's a work in progress, mentions it's not as bad as some likes to believe it is? Personnally, after seeing him live, it's not bad. He does need to work on agility though. Like most guys his size....

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