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08-31-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by cwede View Post
well the 1st game is now just a week away

Folks keep writing about all the 2d year pros who may play at TC
(Jean, Yogan, Hrivik, Miller, McIlrath, even Kreider; also Marcou is 2d-year)

the Rangers have typically NOT used too many 2d year guys at TC - max of 3 in '11 and '08 (details with links - see below)

that would indicate that more advanced guys Kreider, Miller, Hrivik are less likely than 'still developing' young pros such as McIlrath, Yogan and Jean

my draft roster does include Miller, since he (and Jean) have never attended TC
IF NYR go with 4 2d-year, but not Miller, Marcou could be in the mix

also listed are some non_NYR property possible tryout players, from Wolfpack signees, expected Wolfpack tryouts, and still unsigned anywhere Dev Camp attendees
more likely than the DC guys, though, will be unknown new tryout invites

Buchnevic is doubtful to leave his KHL team for 2 weeks, but i believe its happened before

St. Croix
?(WP tryout)Brandon Hynes
?(WP tryout) Tyler Gjurich
?(DC) Carter Rowney

?(2, WP) Marcou
?(DC) Ben Fanelli

(WP) Malcolm

in '11, only 3 D-men - Baldwin, Parlett, Niemi

in '10 it was only Grachev

in '09 just Soryal, Weise

in '08 - Anisimov, Dupont, Pyatt,
Good post, intelligent projection en lieu of an actual roster

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