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08-31-2013, 12:35 PM
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McCarron got a couple "firsts" outta the way.
On his goal he was parked out front, showed good hand eye, tapping in his rebound in tight. Gets good position just outside the blue ice and fights to keep position well. He'll score a few in tight this year.
Skating looked OK but as mentioned work to do regarding agility/ mobility but it should get better.
Dumi (Domi ) ran into their tender outta the crease, Latta was on his way over and McC stepped in first. He's gotta learn how to use that length and strength and also how to throw with purpose. Latta isn't a heavy in this league and before Mac Attack gets into it with the big boys he'll need some tutoring. Liked his willingness to step up for teammates thou.
He also tried to get a Sting player to go later ( Sting declined) but it was a player Dipaulo (?) who had taken some liberties earlier. Again like the willingness but others can do that on this squad til he learns.
Love the attitude, going to be solid on top of the G, attacked the puck on the boards in O zone high side ( love when players work for position instead of trying to steal it from back side) seems to know how to protect the puck, goes to the net with purpose.
Still looks a bit awkward ( understandable) gets around OK, didnt see much of a shot.
I don't expect him to play tonight.
As for line combos, I'm not sure he's a fit with Domi 5 on 5. Dale H will slot him in where he fits, and Dale likes to juggle lines looking for matchups n who's hot.
I'd love to see Bo( if returned) , or Tierney at C and Anderson on his other wing. Cycling beasts.

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