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Originally Posted by Squantosawuss View Post
I have listened periodically over the last few months to HH on WGR with Kevin Sylvester. During the lockout, obviously there wasn't much to get excited or passionate about, but now that there are actual games to discuss.....

I can't believe what an arrogant dick Sylvester is when talking to callers! While remaining monotone and humorless, he's nastier than any other host on WGR. When he's got Andrew Peters on with him, he often talks down to him, like a parent to a kid.

Talk about a condescending homer. It's bad.
He's far better than any one of the Buff State goofs they have on that pathetic station
His segment would be far better if they got rid of Andrew Peters who's only function is to exaggerate the importance of the enforcer role.

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