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08-31-2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I've seen 12 monkeys suggested so much in this thread, I think it might have just bumped There Will Be Blood for tonight's movie night.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I think when I watched Vengeance, it was one of those, " hey, lets watch a movie in bed before going to sleep' kinda things.

Probably focused on other things

I can't watch documentaries too early, because they always leave me pissed right the **** off and it ruins my mood for the entire day.
Don't allow There Will be Blood to slip off your radar.

Documentaries would be a good topic on their own. I know there are 3 documentaries that have had a lasting impact on me:

1) Food Inc. - Made me sick for a day, changed my eating habits for a month, read labeling forever.

2) The World According to Monsanto - along with Food Inc., opened my eyes to the concentration of influence and power in the food supply chain.

3) The Cove - Will never step into a marine wildlife park again. **** off Seaworld

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