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Originally Posted by Ziostilon View Post
Let me see if i got this right:

There just wasn't the appetite for hockey in cities like Vancouver, New West, Victoria, Seattle etc.

At least not enough to keep the club afloat.

Some of the articles also point to the lack of influx of youth talent into the PCHA. (whether it was a financial issue or lack of interest from the youth at that specific time) However, Killion did mention the advent of farm systems by the Patricks.

My question is, even if the league folded, why did the clubs have to either be sold off or get folded along with the league.
Could they not have turned ownership to the communities and have it be member owned. They would have to play at a much lower tier league because of the financial situations, but this would still keep the club alive
Boundary League mentioned in the first article was the farm league of PCHA (from 1913?). What I have found from the old articles it seems to be great idea from Patricks, but the timing was just not the right. WWI affected on that I guess and they didnīt get the player supply from there. Other than that I canīt help but Iīm also intrested on the subject.

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