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Originally Posted by Noob616 View Post
Well, I don't think people aren't happy about the player so much as #71 being a tad early to be targeting guys who likely have a 4th line ceiling. Targeted drafting of guys like this is a bit of a crap shoot, common 4th liners were drafted from all over the board, so it seems a bit odd to me to prioritize grit over skill so early.

I'm not really whining about it because it's a dead horse, we had a ton of picks, and it's not like we were passing up on somebody can't miss at #71, but you can still often find more skilled players at that spot and they're usually easier to project (and are a bigger reward if they pan out).
At the time of the draft there was people saying the Sabres wanted to draft him next, even other teams. Third round 1st/2nd liner offensive potential very rarely pan out, it's actually pretty common to draft gritty 3rd liner in the third round.

Also Timmins said he believes Crisp has untaped offensive potential, he didn't come into the OHL as a fighter, even in his first OHL fight last season the commentators were surprised to see him fight, he was drafted in the OHL as a high pick with good offensive potential.

HW who can play hockey (even on a fourth) and fight are very rare, we haven't had one on the Habs for a long time.

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