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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
By 1972? I dont think so. I was playing back then & salaries had gotten to the point by 1970'ish that that was no longer a requirement unless you were middle pack or border-line. Sure a lot of guys worked regardless summers, had business interests on-going throughout the season. Esposito had a hockey camp along with several others. Just having a hard time believing he returned to Algoma Steel every summer after scoring 76 goals, helping the Bruins to two Stanley Cups etc.... as in proof please.

Beyond 1965 and including time with the Bruins, like I said, for Phil, and I would expect it would continue until negotiation of new contracts when the previous expired for the vast majority of players.

He won his first Art Ross in 1969. Do you wish to have proof he worked summers after that?

"A fascinating fact for fans who were too young or not even alive when Esposito played the game was that it wasn’t until after his eighth year in the NHL that he no longer had to work during the off-season at a steel plant in Sault Ste. Marie to make ends meet."

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