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Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
Just curious: are you a former NHL or AHL player? Not asking you to reveal your identity, but it would be cool if there was a former pro player on here to add insights the rest of us wouldn't have.
Close enough. Know plenty of em from my own playing days & through business interests over the years.

Originally Posted by Hawkman View Post
Killion, that's just not the case. I have the players on video saying they had summer jobs.
Im not disputing that. Im just not readily believing this particular claim from this particular player. Phil Esposito was a Locker Room Lawyer & knew exactly what everyone was getting paid. Not without ego. Theres no way he wouldve just been subservient, taken whatever Boston offered & that was that. Not a chance. Ive dealt with this guy. You kiddin me? Makes for a great story I'll give it that. "Woe is me, had ta work in a foundry. Twelve bucks an hour. 135 degree's in the ol' steel plant. Yep"....I mean c'mon. All I can think to say is eat me Phil. What a crock.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
No, it makes a lot of sense. Esposito talks in great lengths in his book how he was in the Soo when he got the call that he was traded to Boston. He was in the Soo that summer - 1967 - working on the steel mill. Not crazy at all. The big money came in 1972 for the players. After that no one needed a summer job. Even the stars needed to work in the offseason. Maurice Richard worked during the day at a factory in Montreal in his playing days. I know this is before Esposito's time, but the players really did need to do this up until around 1972 so I believe Esposito for sure.
Ya ok. Up til the Boston trade. I'll accept that. Maybe even until 69, maybe. Prolly had a job hosing down trucks or whatever. Nothing really all that taxing. This is Phil Esposito were talking about, and God love him, but that boy does know how to spin a yarn.

Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
He won his first Art Ross in 1969. Do you wish to have proof he worked summers after that?
Ya. I do. Proof that he worked in a Steel Mill past 1968/69 at the latest. Not buyin it. He knew what Orr was getting, well aware of his own worth, in fact some might say "only too well". Phil Esposito was no pushover in negotiations. Wouldnt just blithely accept whatever was offered. He'd ask questions, make demands, and he had every right to do so. If he "worked" summers in like 70-71-72 & beyond it was at his own damn hockey camp, maybe a guest appearance at someone elses, but there is no way he was bustin his butt up in the Soo perched over a cauldron. No chance.

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