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Originally Posted by Caeldan View Post
I'm curious about something - how does the distribution of players to teams work out? Just on a glance for example of your top 30 - there's a couple teams with 6 players represented, several others with 3 or 4

Seems like it might be a stat heavily influenced by the team playstyle?
Given that we're dealing with events of the player and the other 4 on his team while he's on the ice you would expect players who play together a lot to show similar numbers.

For example, if two players played every second together, never spending a second on the ice without the other, they would be identical from a corsi, qualcomp, LAEGAP, etc. perspective.

Seeing combinations like Pacioretty and Gallagher, Toews, Hossa and Saad, and Seguin and Bergeron isn't that surprising given that these players spent large amounts of time on the ice together and thus would have a large number of data points in common.

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