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Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
No, I'm just saying Cage had a few very good performances (Leaving Las Vegas comes to mind).

I can't remember such a good performance from Costner (he's had a few OK) and I can't remember a movie where Keanu Reeve's performance was not painful.

Not talking about the movie per se, I'm talking about the actor. Matrix was a very good movie, but Reeve was godamn awful, tbh.
Cage has such a unique look, sound and method that he can be very good if the role suits him. The problem is that he is absolutely brutal when he is in a role that isn't perfect for him.

This would lead me to believe that he can't really act but his natural actions in their own quirky way suit certain characters.

As far as Costner is concerned, I think he is generally a pretty bad actor but I did like him in Dances with Wolves and Open Range.

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