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Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
Blaming the goalie for the whole team in front of him for sucking royally is simply looking for a scapegoat... He was a winner, even against the Russians, and outside of a single game as a pro in International play, his first, he was never "horrible." It's a myth.
The only myth here is the perpetuation of Dryden being something beyond infallible doubleson. He stunk against the Soviets. Couldnt, wouldnt adapt. I had a real hard time watching it as I admired Dryden based on his 71 performance against the Hawks. Could not understand "what happened"? How could so much brilliance just evaporate, disappear? So then I started taking his game apart. Special project. Clearly at that time, circa 71 he had it all: best glove, best positioning on shots: excellent on the scramble in deep. Yet, he lost it against the USSR, and in spectacular fashion. It was like a different person in the crease. He battled, fought himself, and as did he, so did Team Canada from the crease out. I watched Game One & Four, all of it. He stunk. Plain n' simple.

Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
I will respectfully disagree. In both Games 4 and the 1975 New Years Eve game, even when he made saves he looked shaky. He dropped pucks out of his glove, struggled with rebounds, etc. Even he has admitted that! He wasn't very good in these games.

Craig Wallace
Correct. His confidence had been shattered in dealing with the Soviets early. He played like a Jr.B Goalie at 2pm when his alarm clock doesnt even go off until 8pm. I had zero confidence in that "guy" after game one. Ya, spectacular NHL career. All time great. But "All Time Best Greatest"? You kiddin me? Dissect his style, how he sits on the crease, lateral movement, skating & puckhandling skills, rebound control, total package. Built for North America. That just wasnt good enough in my book. He was far too "predictable". Over-thought himself while thinking too much (goaltending in 95% mental) and I believe to some no small extent caused wide spread breakdown & loss of confidence amongst Team Canada. Like a virus.

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