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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
All noted. I did see Who Killed the Electric Car and Inside job, both eye opening.

I've briefly looked at the BBC doc on JFK, what made it grab you.
Well, for one thing, it is 9 hours long. Figured there'd be a lot of info in a documentary that masssive. And there is. They go at it from a lot of different angles. Some pretty significant accusations, too.

I think I got interested when I watched the x-files episodes that focuses on the smoking man. Has nobody mentioned x-files, btw? Fantastic show. Anyway, I did some google searches on what the most accurate documentaries on the JFK assassination were, and mostly came up with this one.

Although I believe I was mistaken about it being BBC. Now that I look it up, I see that it was made by ITV with several instalments over the years. The last three episodes having been produced for the american history channel.

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