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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
That's the problem with these threads - how do you market a film in a way that tempts without overselling? "An epic story that includes the necessary elements of successful filmmaking!" "See this film just because!" "Someone has the same name as you in the end credits!"

I loved 12 Monkeys because it was a stylish and twisted mind-*******. I love that kind of creative screenplay. It's been years since I saw it so I can't say if it holds up today against its reputation.
It is tough to recommend movies to people without overhyping them. Part of the reason that we recommend movies is because they exceeded our expectations. By recommending the movie to someone else we inevitably raise their expectations which almost invariably leads to a lesser relative experience for the other person.

For myself, I try and make a conscious effort not to do so when someone recommends a movie to myself but it is not easily accomplished.

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