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09-01-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Would you say Dark City is creepy? I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'm easily frightened and try to avoid creepy/scary movies. I've always wanted to watch Dark City, Sci-Fi/Fantasy is probably my favorite genre, especially if it also suspenseful and action-like.

Sorry you guys didn't like 12 Monkeys as much as I was hyping it. Though to be fair, I didn't say it was the greatest movie ever
Maybe you can consider the atmosphere and implications that go on during the movie as creepy, but I don't think it's anything you would ever qualify as scary.

Not much action, though.

And I'm the complete opposite. It's very rare to find a movie that doesn't resort to jump scares today. I hunt these movies down.

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