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09-01-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
DLC... when will people ever learn...

  1. Plekanec is NOT far superior to Dubinsky. I'd take Dubs well before Pleks even if I like him.
  2. Comparing Galchenyuk's production with Johansen is being ill intent and dishonest. Look at the teams they play for.
  3. Scott Howson is no longer in Columbus as he's the assistant-GM in Edmonton. Jarmo Kekalainen is the GM in Columbus. The fact that you don't know that shows me that you know little about that franchise which raises serious questions about your knowledge of the players on that team as well.
  4. You can find late round picks in every draft that will produce more than first rounders, especially in the short term. There's a strawman if I've ever seen one!
So unless it's against the rules on this board, I was simply stating that I'd love to have him in Montreal. What's wrong with that?
1) again, fired. Really man? Dubinsky over pleks? Holy ****. This goes a long way in showing why you'd trade him for Johansen, though. At least you're consistent with your undervaluing.

2) I didn't mention point production wrt galchenyuk v. johansen. If you don't think galchenyuk isn't superior, well alright.

3) Ah yes. I slipped up on the name of the GM, despite my post history being filled with posts on how columbus will see a turnaround due to Jarmo coming in. Jarmo who was my pick for Habs GM. But slipping up a name surely implies that I A) don't know anything about their franchise and B) don't watch them play games. Surely.

The fact that you ignore any point I made in my post and mostly focused on this says more about you than it does about me.

4) I thought it was quite obvious that my mentioning gallagher's draft rank was only in response to you talking about Johansen's. Where they were drafted is pretty much irrelevent now that a few years have gone by. Next time I'll try to make it more obvious.

Who said it was against the rules? What a childish thing to say. And I'd be just as childish for asking whether disagreeing about a proposed hockey trade on a hockey forum, no less, was against the rules. I'll spare everyone else the unnecessary high school drama.

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