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Originally Posted by thom View Post
Big Phil I agree everything you said except to remind you the average salary for an american men in 1970 was 6800 dollars.So Phil still made 2.5 times the salary of average american.Now I do agree he was underpaid for much of his career but im sure he is doing well
Well, yeah he's doing fine now. He made a lot of money in the 1970s. Not to mention GM of the Rangers, the Lightning deal and such. I'm talking in the pre-WHA days.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Im sorry Phil but Im with Darth & Inkling flat out. Espo tellin Porkies.
So what would he be lying about? Isn't that an awfully specific thing to remember that you weren't there for your daughter's birth because you were working at a steel mill? Why even bother bringing that up if it weren't true? Wouldn't that be an easy thing to remember as to WHY you weren't there? I believe the guy was working in the steel mill.

As for the trade in 1967, he was dealt May 15, 1967. Then the draft happened and then Milt called him back to negotiate a contract. Up until then, Esposito was living in the Soo working in the steel plant that summer and after his trade to Boston he was so peeved he was ready to just do that for the rest of his life. So in the summer of 1967 he was working in the steel mill. I don't see how those are lies either.

We have to take other things into consideration here. There was no work in the summer. No pay check. That's a long summer especially considering the Cup final ended in May. You weren't making millions in the late 1960s/early 1970s. You couldn't just sit at home and enjoy the summer. You were making more than the average man, but you still had a family to feed in the summer. Why is it so hard to believe that several players worked in the summers until the time things really changed in 1972?

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