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Originally Posted by Balance View Post
I get that some people here aren't serious at all and try to post thing to be funny or create a reaction, but there was people here that read here because they are serious about the actual game itself.

I'm one of those people, and I don't adjust my opinions because of emotional reactions to players or coaches. I see it how it is, and only write a serious truth no matter who it attacks or promotes. I think people, who want to discuss hockey, want the truth about it? Kind of makes sense.

If someone in a few years is reading this (or reading this now) and reads the thing that some people post about years back, they would seriously believe in something that is unbelievably stupid. I think I do the right thing in not only writing what is true, but giving reasons back with facts and statistics. Thus, anyone could read what I write and understand the simple truth. That's at least what I do when I read things, I want to know why that is and to give me every single point. What separates me and others that aren't wrong is that those people post things with no evidence whatsoever to back anything up. You can give me the greatest and most true thing in the world, but at least back it up. You know why you don't see that though? It's because it's easy to back up the truth with good points.
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