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09-01-2013, 04:48 PM
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So according to Calgary sports fans the Eskimos don't even count as a "rival" for the Stampeders anymore. ... In an eight team league. "They're too bad. They haven't been competitive for a long time." RE: Comments in today's SUN sports page.

Now while there's some truth to these comments I still find their arrogance (and blissful ignorance) mind-numbing. One of the Calgary fans spat, "City of Champions? City of dysfunctional sports organizations."

1) For the millionth time, the "City of Champions" moniker is a testament to the city picking itself up after the '87 tornado. After this summer's floods they should appreciate a moniker like that.

And 2) The Flames are poised to be awful for a while and Jay Feaster has done a horrible job as GM. A job that has rivaled Lowe's dissection of the Oilers. Wake up Calgary.

EDIT: Just getting into the Battle of Alberta spirit. If Cowgary fans won't then I will in full force.

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