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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
"They've had." I personally would prefer to see MDZ paired with a mobile defensive rock. McI will need someone to cover for him if he goes for the big hit--I think he would work best on a shut down pairing with someone like Staal. MDZ has always played his best hockey when lined up on the left side with a partner who could skate and focused on pure defense (see--MDZ/Sauer). If McD could play the right (has he ever been tried there? I can't remember seeing it), I would love to see MDZ/McD, Staal/McI, Moore/Girardi.

You say Stralman would be fine in any system. The problem with that is that he HASN'T been fine in any system. He's been awful in two systems, he couldn't even make the team in a 3rd system, and he was a great bottom pairing guy in Torts' system. None of those teams, including the Rangers, have ever tried to make him into an "anchor you can build a defense around." Not sure where you are getting that. My point is that people keep claiming he is this team's #4. He hasn't been that in his time here, and he's been far worse than that in his other NHL stops.

As I said, if an injury hits or if a couple of guys falter, he might get a chance to prove that he can be an NHL #4 D. I just think that it is AS likely that he finishes the season as the #7 if McI makes the jump.
Ok, I feel like we're watching a different team, so I just agree to disagree. I already see him as the #4. Feel free to rub it in my face when Del Zotto-McIlrath are Leetch-Beuk-on-welfare or whatever they're supposed to be, and Stralman is sitting out.

Here's a scenario: Del Zotto is traded for a LW to fill the hole which does exist, and Stralman stays right where he is.

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