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I am red wings fan and have to say no. Reasoning is was better defenders who were older or retiring than Lidstrom when he played. Was more dominant guy who had career shortened etc..

Was Lidstrom one of best top 8 defenders of all time YES.

Is he one of smartest hockey players of all time YES.

Was he a TON above his piers? Absolutely NOT.

Was anyone a LOT better than him? Again NO.

Is again the debate of what is generational who is elite what is great blah blah blah.

Generational are lindros lol put pronger man im old haha gretsky jagr lemiux is some worth mentioning but I do not put lidstrom better than bourque macinnis or murphy much less a potvin 10 years earlier or ORR who was the best at his time and maybe best player ever lol.

No one played better though with staying out of the box. Ever so he is a unique talent in that he compares to the greatest guys ever stat wise plus minus longevity points goals assist ppg etc..

No one even compares to staying out of the box and dominating in own end.

That means he was smartest defender ever probably.

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