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09-01-2013, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BrettXNA View Post
If you think the xbox one will be "winning from the start" than you havent been paying attention.
The xbox 360 had 3 advantages over the ps3:
1 year head start on the market.
Easier to develop for than Sony's machine.
$100 to $200 cheaper depending on whether you bought
the wifi adapter for the 360.
In spite of these advantages the ps3 eventually surpassed the 360
in sales worldwide.
Now these advantages are completely gone and the
ps4 has an almost 50% power advantage and a $100 price advantage
in the US.
The only territory Microsoft MAY win this time around is the US and
if they do it will be alot closer than with the ps3 and 360.
XB1 has more exclusives, more features, and the processing gap that's being ever-exaggerated (it's 50% now?) will be made up with cloud processing.

If MS is able to get their marketing heads out of their *****, and are able to successfully market the XB1 as an all-in-one device, it'll crush PS4.

As I've said, we won't know who's winning until they're both out for a bit and establish their market shares.

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