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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Like I said, we can go in circles until the cows come home. Crosby could have had two if Malkin had played up to par in the 2008 final. I'd rather focus on what the player actually accomplished.
Then why do you keep dodging the fact that Peter Forsberg in 2002 had a higher points-per-game against better defensive teams with less reliance on empty net points? Or that Peter Forsberg in 1999 had a near equal points-per-game against significantly better defensive teams with less reliance on empty net points while playing a defensive role on the penalty kill?

Because to me, it seems like you would rather focus on anything but Forsberg's performance in 1999 and 2002. 1996 and 2001? Oh, you'll talk about that all day. But when it comes to 1999 and 2002, you'll say that you don't know how someone fails to see that Crosby's run trumps Forsberg's - because Forsberg didn't score in Games 6 and 7 against Detroit even though Crosby didn't either - and continue ignoring every point raised against your stance that "Crosby's two best playoff runs trump Forsberg's two best."

We're not going in circles, Big Phil. You're standing still and saying nothing to address the evidence provided for you.

Once more with feeling:

Average Opponent GA: 187
1.26 points-per-game (1.21 without ENG)
13 ESP, 9 PPP, 1 SHP, 1 ENP; 2:30 penalty kill ice-time
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (24 points on 56 goals) 43%
Team Goal Differential: +2

Average Opponent GA: 192
1.35 points-per-game (1.35 without ENG)
20 ESP, 7 PPP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (27 points on 54 goals) 50%
Team Goal Differential: -2

Average Opponent GA: 216
1.35 points-per-game (1.20 without ENG)
10 ESP, 14 PPP, 3 ENP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (27 points on 61 goals) 44%
Team Goal Differential: +18

Average Opponent GA: 238
1.29 points-per-game (1.21 without ENG)
19 ESP, 10 PPP, 2 ENP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (31 points on 79 goals) 39%
Team Goal Differential: +15

Come on, Big Phil, tell us what it is you think we're failing to see, because there is nothing about any of Crosby's runs that is superior to Forsberg in 2002 other than the fact that he played for a team with a positive goal differential in the playoffs.

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