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Originally Posted by Balance View Post
Another revision of history again. Let me explain to you what actually did happen:

Before the season, the 2010-2011 season was touted by people as the season where the Devils were a huge force in the league. Prior to that season I've never seen a time where a ton of newspapers/blogs were writing about the might of the Devils before then. There was 2 reasons behind it: The Devils were seen as a contender with the Kovalchuk trade but when they were eliminated by the Flyers it slowed down a bit even though the Flyers did make it to the SCF. However, the acquisition of Arnott created a great buzz because it stabilized a great 1st/2nd line for the Devils since the center position was always a problem. The resigning of Kovalchuk solidified it and the Devils were being ranked everywhere to easily be a cup contender and having the strongest lineup in years. This was true because in terms of the lineup the Devils had the strongest offense they had in a while. It was even to the point that Brodeur called it the best line up and when they had that initial bad start within the 1st 5 games he said it was time for "the machine to get going".

The best lineup in years somehow created one of the worst starts for a team in NHL history. How was that possible? The team only gained and did not lose anyone vital and with Lemaire as coach won the division title. The answer was simple: John Maclean. If you actually watched the games, you saw that Maclean employed no system. Every team in the entire league has a fundamental system and Maclean looked like a high school hockey coach out there. The team absolutely fell apart and had the worst beginning ever. This, coupled in with Maclean having no respect to his fundamental players (Scratching Kovalchuk), literally turned the locker room apart and had Langenbrunner traded to Dallas.

Somehow, Lemaire returned and the Devils not only stopped playing that bad but did a total 360! The team somehow won at a rate that they never won before, and the question was how is this possible? The Devils lost not only Parise due to injury, but they lost Langenbrunner to and it looked literally impossible that the team would have the ambition to play because a playoff spot was virtually impossible to get. Yet somehow, and someway the team put on the best record they ever had in a huge span of games and were 5 pts away from a playoff spot.

This was simple: The lineup was really good, and Lemaire gave them a system to win with. Miraculously, Kovalchuk scored more under a defensive system with Lemaire then he did with Maclean. So why do you not include the Maclean era? Simple: the guy was completely incompetent as a head coach. He took a really stacked team, and made them absolutely awful. Lemaire caused the team to show how good it was and Deboer did the exact same thing by sending them to the SCF.

If your calling the Devils team that put on the best record in their history in the 2nd half and the one that later went to the SCF the next year a bunch of scrubs, then you sir are not only rewriting history but embarrassing it too.
I've noticed on this site when someone has no argument a long winded post that distracts from the original question usually follows....

So why again couldn't a 29 year old Kovalchuk out score a 36 year old Elias who played less minutes this season....

And why couldn't he outscore Elias in the 2010-11 season? Elias didn't play under MacLean?

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