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09-01-2013, 08:32 PM
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The few posters suggesting that Lidstrom didn't have any qualities that stuck out from his peers clearly don't understand why he was so good.

Lidstrom's stick was easily the best of his generation and could probably be argued as the greatest of all time. Being in position is one thing. Actually intercepting, deflecting, and knocking down passes is another. And no one was better. He made it look so easy that it was easy to take for granted. I've never seen another defenceman knock pucks out of the air along the boards as regularly either. This helped in two areas; 1) teams struggled to forecheck on him because he was so good at disrupting their attempted chip and dump ins; and 2) he was a master at holding the offensive line.
In addition, Lidstrom handled the puck as clean as any defencemen that I've ever seen. He was machine like in his ability to catch and throw passes tape to tape. Try to find footage of Lidstrom bobbling the puck or flubbing a pass. He was automatic. He was so clean and calm with the puck that he played a mistake free game. That's a huge reason why he was so consistent night in and night out.

Also, who was better positionally?

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