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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
It was brought up more than once in the megathread that they had been charging $10 to park in Lot G adjacent to the arena for the last two years. Not sure how much revenue was generated for it but it definitely wasn't empty, despite all the other "free" spots at Westgate.

I used to park in Lot B on the other side for game and I can tell you the lots inside of Lot B are usually full on game nights... some is taken up by a private valet parking service for businesses in the arena. The only lots where spots might be readily available are at the north end of Westgate near the theater.
Some people are always happy to pay for better parking and other amenities, but the deal with the COG means that the best deal that the Coyotes can possibly offer, even to their best customers (i.e. STHs) is $10 parking. Obviously, that will have to be in the least convenient lots to maintain a sense of proportionality and fairness. My point is that for the Coyotes' owners, it doesn't really matter than much financially if there are other parking options that they don't control, since the revenue is of little consequence compared to the importance of increasing the fan counts and ticket costs.

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There's really no choice on timing though. The hole in funding for the AMF had to come from somewhere... Curiously there was no $100 million consideration paid for the revenue though.
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whileee, either the CoG charges coyotes fans through the parking, or they charge all glendale taxpayers through taxes. Either way, the people have to pay, and based on US economics and sensibilities, it seems unfair to charge glendale residents to subsidize the team.
I completely understand. But since the COG has made it clear that they want to retain the Coyotes, even if they need to provide substantial subsidies, it would seem that they would want the new owners to have every opportunity to enhance the fan base. I am pretty sure that introducing a large parking fee would have been fairly low on the "to do" list of a marketing expert, if they had all options open.

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