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Originally Posted by thevil View Post
So by your reasoning, Patrick Roy isn't anywhere near being one of the top 2 goalies of all time because he was drafted 52 overall?
i don't consider patrick roy a generational talent, no. but like i said earlier, you can have a generational career even if you aren't a generational talent. to me, talent is something thats visible even before drafting, something that just screams "HOLY CRAP THIS GUY IS GOOD" like lemieux and lindros did. crosby to some extent too considering todays standards, but not sure about him yet. i do however think he was a generational talent htat got wasted unless he gets healthy, similiar to lindros

roy is probably #2 behind hasek in my book, but i'm also heavily biased and love my hasek, but i believe both of them can make a case

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