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09-02-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
I completely understand. But since the COG has made it clear that they want to retain the Coyotes, even if they need to provide substantial subsidies, it would seem that they would want the new owners to have every opportunity to enhance the fan base. I am pretty sure that introducing a large parking fee would have been fairly low on the "to do" list of a marketing expert, if they had all options open.
sherwood may have fooled himself and the mayor into thinking this, but the rest of council has aptly demonstrated they do not possess the intellectual capacity to even begin to understand the numbers here. they were deceptively fed overly optimistic figures regarding the lease shortfall payback revenue streams and they believed them.

IA is gonna have to step it up on all front here. and it that means having to both increase prices on everything while simultaneously trying to broaden appeal and put more butts in the seats, then so be it. frankly, there is simply no time to sit back and take anyhting easy. it's been a mistake not to increase ticket prices this year. it would have been stunningly foolish to also not raise parking prices as well. nobody said this was gonna be easy.

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