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09-02-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyrolean View Post
Not excited at all for the game.
i'll be even more pissed if Reilly has another strong game, the esks get about 30 points and the coaching and defense let the team down again.

another reason Reed and Marshall are bad coaches. look at the play of the defense. it's obviously clear what the issues are and they seem to just do nothing and hope the problem fixes itself.
it's pathetic that 7 games into the year we were told the players are practicing the fundamentals. shouldn't they have the basics of football down by now, and not be working on them this late in the season? what does Marshall spend his time doing? it sure isn't coming up with an improved game plan.
what does Reed do? is he spending his time trying to decide what his concequences are going to be? I sure haven't seen any yet, not for bad play or bad coaching.

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