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09-02-2013, 10:55 AM
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Being frustrated in hockey is fairly common. You'd be surprised how many people get frustrated, even on winning teams. I've seen too level players go crazy because they didn't score in a game, I've seen beginner players go crazy because they missed a pass in a pick up game. It happens.

Here's how I handle it frustration. I stop putting high expectations on myself. I love this sport, been playing a hair over 20 years now. I stopped swearing, stopped slamming the door, stopped yelling at the refs, and started smiling and laughing. Having fun. If I lose the puck in the corner to someone, I laugh it off because it's fun. It's a game. When I miss a shot on an open net, I laugh it off. I don't take it seriously. But when I score, all that positive energy makes the goal that much better. Yeah I talk trash about dirty players on the bench, yeah I swear at the refs when they **** up, but I don't lose my cool and I enjoy the game. I'm just happy I'm healthy enough to still play.

Yeah I practice a lot, spend 4 days a week on the ice or more. Mess around at home stick handling, shoot pucks at the park, ect.. But I don't take it seriously. It's fun, and it keeps me in shape. Will I go pro? Nope. Will my team win the beer league championship? Maybe. If we don't, no big deal.

Anyways, if you are so frustrated that you are causing a scene, maybe you should just take a couple weeks off, get the game out of your head, go for a hike or something completely different. Have a few drinks with friends, talk to some ladies, whatever. Just get your head straight. I guarantee when you come back, you'll be surprised at the results.

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