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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
Solidifying our goaltending position for the next 7 years
You don't sign an unproven commodity, especially one between the pipes, for 6 years.

Goalies are like relievers in baseball. You have a select few, such as Mariano Rivera and Henrik Lundqvist that are lights out every year. Then you have another handful that are really good most years. Even those good ones can be prone to extreme fluctuations, with injuries being a key concern. There's a reason why relievers aren't signed to long term deals and the same should be said for most goalies (I understand goalie is an infinitely more important position but the paralles between the two are still valid). There's just way too much uncertainty for that kind of commitment.

This is even more mindboggling given that we signed Raanta. Not only should Corey have to prove himself, I think we had pretty good leverage to make him prove himself. How many teams would be willing to shell out big bucks and years for Crawford? I don't think it would be that many and the ones that likely would are mostly ****** teams. Take this year to evaluate Crawford during a FULL season while also seeing what Raanta can do. If both play well then you have a decision to make. If Corey sucks then it seems the right decision was made, and if Corey does well you re-sign him.

Stan jumped the gun on this deal. I see absolutely no reason why he should have pulled the trigger this early.

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