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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
We have the big 3 that you refer to above and Taylor out west but really how many more pre consolidation guys is there room for on a list of the top 60?

There are 9 full decades for another 56 spots (or less if one includes another 1 or 2 guys) and the last 4 decades have new talent streams other than Canadian to consider as well.

I can see the argument for another couple of guys but after that it's extremely debatable IMO.

All I really know for sure is that I will have a better grasp on things after we do the project than I do now.
I know the post you're quoting is about the NHA/NHL, but keep in mind that in the PCHA, the large majority of talent will be considered a center for the purposes of this project. It seems that in leagues that included rovers, the best talent tended to play at that position. Makes sense I guess, a "rover" was able to influence play over more of the ice surface than other players.

So we could very well have a high number of PCHA players on the centers list, and none of them on the wingers list - I believe that Jack Walker is the only PCHA HHOFer we classified as a winger first, and even he spent half his career as a rover. We also had only 2 PCHA defenseman (Moose Johnson and Lester Patrick) on the defenseman list.

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