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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post

Glendale weren't the ones who insisted on a large AMF as a precondition of buying the franchise.

If the Ice Edge clowns find the parking hinders the growth of the franchise, then they should compensate Glendale for the lost revenue and drop the parking rates. But that would require using their own money, which as we know full well, they simply don't have.

The rates are, arguably, exorbitantly high. I doubt many Coyotes fans will find them as a shock though. There was no "ideal" deal that would save the franchise after Jamison flamed out. Higher prices on anything and everything was going to be inevitable with the clock reset to 5 years to make it work.
No argument about the reason for the large AMF and the need to increase prices. My point is that the pricing scheme, which affects marketing, was done through the rather crude instrument of a lease agreement, which mandated parking prices immediately. I expect that more creative solutions could have been found. For example, consider the option of increasing the ticket surcharge by an extra $3 a ticket this year. That will almost certainly raise nearly as much money for the COG as parking. It would be much more convenient for fans, and perhaps much more palatable. Next season, you could introduce some parking fees, and take away some of the ticket surcharges and replace them with actual ticket fee increases to boost revenue. I just think that slapping an expensive new parking regimen and blaming it on the COG/AMF is a bit inartful, from a marketing perspective.

Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
exactly. it's a strategic mistake to drag out any of the required price increases because it might upset or scare some potential fans. just do it now while everyone knows its absolutely necessary, is much more willing to accept it, and while the warm honeymoon glow still surrounds the recent sale. people wont be so forgiving next year or the year after that.

and shame on any STH who pinches pennies by parking down the road. if anyone should be intentionally paying more to help this team, its them.
Parking down the road doesn't hurt the Coyotes owners, it could only hurt the COG. I doubt that many potential fans care very much about the financial situation of the City of Glendale when they are making decisions about parking.

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