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R:with company of number 14 of the Flyers Sean Couturier How are you?

C:i'm doing great

R:the 1st time for you in the boot camp, how do you find the experencie?

C: so far it's good ...... this good cause and blabla

R:when we look at the Flyers season it didn't start very good there was some big expectations from you and the rest of the flyers players it wasnt good for the entire club for alot of reasons, how was this season for you?

C: certainly it was difficult season than my first one but i think every player in his carrer learn during the season to be a better player at the end of the season,

R:it seems that alot of people forget that you're still young

C: Yes i'm still a young player and i'm trying to learn everything i can learn and even with this season you know i think that i learnd alot and try to get better the next season

R:Yes and think that the Flyers still have confidence in you with the new contract that you signed in the begging of the summer a 2 years contract, it's a beautful confidence showed by Holmgren and the Flyers

C:yes it's a good sign of showing confidence, and it's my turn to answer and to show that i deseve this contract and i'm training this summer to be ready for the camp and show what i have

R:Talk to me about your season and the training how was it?

C:This year i'm trying to gain weight and become bigger physically and so far it's going well

R: during the summer, there is always movement(trades,signing) it's like this in the world of hockey and in the world of professional sports in general and you lost a good freind Daniel Briere.....

C:yes it's part of the sport but he was good with me, he invited me to stay in his house and just to be with him everyday i learned alot and the adaptaition was easy and i think montreal people liked him
"maybe he is talking about the fans or the organization not sure"

R: did you talk to him since his departure to Montreal? "didn't understand what couts was saying but it was about Briere."

R: the Flyers have made some moves you now have Vincent Lecavalier added Mark Streit And we're talking also about Ray Emery, Talk to me about the Flyers Acquisitions.

C:yes i think they bring stability for all the positions, and i think it's going to be a big + for us with these 3 Acquisitions and we should comeback to being one of the best teams in the leauge this year

R: how do you see your role this season in the flyers squad

C: i'm gonna try to be the same player a solid two way player and it's sure that year after year i will have more responsabilites and i'll have more reponsibiltes this year and it's up for me to answer

R: what should/have the Flyers do to enter the season as a strong contender and go after the stanley cup?

C: work hard every game and to think about the ups and downs and to be ready to play everytime and take it one game at a time even if it's a long season

R: could the defensive play be the key and something about his 5 goals and hurting the team

i didn't understand this last part

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