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09-02-2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
That is why they'd need to clean house. Only way really.

Another TD Stamps after a pick. Game's over. Enjoy the rest of this ass kicking folks. I am hoping for a 50p+ Stamps win. Without the Eskies getting destroyed, this idiotic group will keep sticking with the morons they put in charge.
we're gonna have the same coaching staff the rest of this season, even if we lost every game 946-0.... there is no reason to put in another coaching group at this point, it serves no purpose

all these coaches are going to be fired, i'd be utterly shocked if that didn't happen in the off season... but to do it now doesn't really accomplish anything

the sad things, is that until the ENTIRE MANAGEMENT group is removed, nothing really matters at all... you're just shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic... in all honesty, i am REALLY envious of ottawa, as they get to start fresh with a whole new team.... whereas we are going to be stuck with the same idiots running the team until the team starts losing money, which is going to take at least a couple more years of this crap

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