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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
I didn't go anywhere with it? Are you going to make me post this FOUR TIMES before you respond to it?

Average Opponent GA: 187
1.26 points-per-game (1.21 without ENG)
13 ESP, 9 PPP, 1 SHP, 1 ENP; 2:30 penalty kill ice-time
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (24 points on 56 goals) 43%
Team Goal Differential: +2

Average Opponent GA: 192
1.35 points-per-game (1.35 without ENG)
20 ESP, 7 PPP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (27 points on 54 goals) 50%
Team Goal Differential: -2

Average Opponent GA: 216
1.35 points-per-game (1.20 without ENG)
10 ESP, 14 PPP, 3 ENP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (27 points on 61 goals) 44%
Team Goal Differential: +18

Average Opponent GA: 238
1.29 points-per-game (1.21 without ENG)
19 ESP, 10 PPP, 2 ENP
Percentage of Teams' Offense: (31 points on 79 goals) 39%
Team Goal Differential: +15
There is literally no difference there with PPG. What exactly is supposed to be the case for Forsberg based on these stats? Goal differential from their teams? If that's what you are basing it on then it doesn't outweigh the fact that Forsberg was unable to carry the team when the chips were down. This is how their stats compare when the final game of the series was played (win or lose):

Crosby: 4g-10a in 8 games
Forsberg: 3g-2a in 5 games

You don't see a significant difference there? The only time Crosby didn't have a point in the final game of the series (the most pivotal) was Game 7 vs. Detroit in 2009 and its because he sat out the 3rd period. This is where it becomes important to dissect how the points were spread out. Forsberg's stats are okay at this particular time but Crosby's are clearly better. He helped close out a series much better in his two best years. Forsberg didn't as much. 1 assist in the 4 losses against Detroit in 2002. 2 assists in the 4 losses against Dallas in 1999. These were both 7 game series when Colorado had the series lead going home to Game 6. Forsberg played a part in Colorado not advancing.

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