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09-02-2013, 05:44 PM
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A few observations. After the CFL admitting that they jobbed us out the game last week somehow missing a headshot on Reilly they resume this week by immediately gifting Stamps a bogus TD on a phantom PI call.

This is why people were upset. Not only does the league **** up last week you know that sure as hell more is coming.

Way to set the tone for the game from the outset. This club has enough problems without battling the refs all week.

Which leads me to, yes, Coehoorn.

Once again, and absolute cluster**** of a play. Gets a one on one ball thrown his way, all he has to do is have solid inside position on the ball, instead he completely ****s up, again loses judgement on where the ball is going to be, is outside, and not only that he falls down on the play like he's shot allowing a long return and Stamps get a TD off of that. Single worst play of the football game.

People keep seeing me talk about it because this is a joke of a football player. Pretend tough, can't run, can't hit, little benefit out there. Just occupying a jersey.

Should I note that Coehoorn hasn't caught a pass in 3 weeks.

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