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09-02-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyplayer99 View Post
Rangers won't be close to that team from 2 years ago. They lack any sort of toughness now. IN the playoffs you need grinders, guys who will play physical. We have none, we are to soft to go anywhere in the playoffs. As the rounds go on, the physical play becomes more and more evident. Even the Ice Capades have more physical play then the Rangers. Get some big bodies willing to take the hit and willing to throw hits and then we have a chance.
I agree,I think if your going to ice a top 9 as soft as we have then you have to ice some grit on the back end to prevent your best players from being run. Unfortunately, despite being a talented group our d are relatively soft on the whole. To disregard the contributions our bottom 6 of 11/12 made is plain ignorant. Intangibles matter, its a sad state when nash is in constant scrums while the d watches. Toughness is the main difference between the teams and the main reason we regressed imo.

We have some exciting kids coming up so maybe they render some other players expendable. This is a good coaching staff, theres a lot to be optimistic about and im sure they will address the current deficiencies in our lineup.

In the event that the inevitable debate on what constitutes toughness ensues, I would submit the following: Toughness=willingness to stick up for yourself or your teammates. Pain Tolerant= human puck sponge and not to be confused with toughness. Until such a time comes where players dont physically impose there will on other players, toughness will always play a major role in the game imo. An impotent pp only serves to exacerbate the problem.

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