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09-02-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by rboomercat90 View Post
Mac T sure didn't look like much of a "true NHL insider with connections" at the draft. He couldn't make any of the deals he was trying to make because the other GM's were only interested in fleecing him. If he was that well connected he could have gotten more accomplished than just trading down in draft picks. Let's not forget, he made it clear that he intended to make some deals that week end. He isn't any better connected than Tambellini was, in fact he may even be more isolated.
I don't think MacT had a whole lot to work with. He didn't exactly have a lot of trade-able assets outside of the ones most here wouldn't want him to deal away (the core group of youngsters).

He maybe could have moved prospects like Klefbom/Marincin but the return likely still wouldn't have been huge for those and those prospects really are players that could develop into potentially solid top 4 dmen for the Oilers yet so I understand why he didn't move them... you don't want to give up the future.

Where he could have (and should have imo) been more aggressive is with the compulsory buyouts. Players like Hemsky/NSchultz/Smyth could have been dumped instead of Belanger with his tiny contract. That would open up a lot more cap space and he could have been more aggressive in both the UFA market and even in trades if he had more cap room to play with. Right now they've somewhat painted themselves into a corner and have very little cap room... so if MacT wants to trade a player like Hemsky... he likely has to retain salary and the market is very limited for a player like Hemsky to start with.

I cut MacT some slack in not being able to make all the trades he wanted... I think the will was there but he was obviously a little naive in thinking other experienced GM's would step up and help him make all the trades to fit all the puzzle pieces (gritty, physical 2-way bottom 6 players) into the roster like he obviously wanted.

I'm sure he struck out on several UFA players he was targeting (in addition to Clarkson obviously). It's not a matter of just stepping up and the players come running... Edmonton still is a market that's not very appealing to a lot of players given that they have other choices in warmer and less hockey-crazed regions (which is what many pro players apparently like).

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