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09-03-2013, 09:04 AM
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of all the years that I played beer league, we only had one year where beer was brought in. It took one team to ruin it for everybody.

It was about 10-15 years ago that one team left their empties in the locker room and a bunch of kids had an early game the next morning. I'm not sure if it was on the benches, in the can, a combo, or exactly what happened. As you can probably tell, that didn't go over well with the parents, who eventually went to the arena manager. The arena manager threw a fit, threatening to boot the team from the league and even threatening the rest of us by saying they were gonna shut the league down for the year. IIRC, captains ended up meeting with the arena manager and they ended up agreeing on no beer for the rest of the year, which eventually became the standard rule. Everybody was pissed for awhile, but after a season it didn't seem like an issue. Most guys were usually trying to get out of the locker room as quick as possible since they had to work early the following day and our league was usually stuck with the 10:40 and 11:50 games.

They have changed managers since this happened, so maybe they brought the beer back into beer league. Being that I moved away a few years ago, I'd probably have to ask around.

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