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09-03-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
A few things:

1. McIlrath and Miller could absolutely use this experience. Neither of them are dominant AHL players. Neither of them would dominate this tournament either. Fast and Lindberg are both better players at this point.

2. It would mean much less if other teams weren't bringing their pros to this tournament. But as it stands, they all did.

3. What Fitzy said.
1. Fast and Lindberg being better players is irrelevant. Again, it's about introducing them to the franchise and the coaching staff. To break the ice so to speak. Miller and McIlrath popped that cherry long ago. Training camp and the pre-season will be the time to evaluate them against each other from a competitive standpoint.

2. Who cares what other teams do? Call me crazy, but I'd guess that the guys paid to be involved in the inner workings of our team and basically stalk these guys the entire year know who needs what far better than the armchair GMs of HFBoards.

3. What Fitzy said is a good excuse for being disappointed that certain players aren't showing up from a personal standpoint. Not from a "management made the wrong decision" standpoint. I get wanting to see a McIlrath for personal reasons. I don't get pretending to know better than management whether it makes sense for McIlrath to attend.

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