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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
"What they have to work with" is what they decided to bring. It's not like they're handed a list of players by some random exec and they go on their merry way. They made a collective decision to bring certain players and exclude others. Wanting to see the kids do well, and wanting to be a competitive team are not mutually exclusive.
None of what you said is anything I disputed. They want the team to do well, of course. But they want the team to do well in that they want the team they assembled to do well. They're not going to invite certain players IN ORDER TO do well. Members of our organization sit down and formulate a team based on players the believe have something to gain from the experience. And then they hope the team they formed does well. They don't invite players for the sake of winning a biggest dick contest against other teams.


I'd certainly argue that if McIlrath played and was regularly beaten by opposing forwards that our prospect pool with take a hit because of it. He's not there because the org feels like he's above that level. If he were to play and get abused, that would be cause for concern. Are we suddenly going to come out of TC with the best prospect group in hockey? Of course not, but if Malcom and Skapski are lights out against stiff competition like Dallas, then I'd feel at least mildly better about our organizational depth in goal. If Fast and Lindberg are overmatched, then I'll be a bit concerned. It goes both ways.
Jeff Malcolm is an undrafted free agent signing by the Wolfpack. Makenzie Skapski is a 19 year old with zero experience beyond the WHL level. Our goaltending coaches have seen very little of these guys, presumably. Both have plenty to learn, plenty of people to meet, etc. Lindberg and Fast are in their first season with the team and in North America as a whole. They have all sorts of people to meet, could use the low-pressure environment to get their first few games in on the smaller ice surface, etc. These are guys with plenty of reasons to attend a tournament like this.

McIlrath knows the organization already. He's been a pro for a full year. He's done this tournament already. There is nothing the coaching staff can learn in 3-4 games like this that they can't learn about McIlrath otherwise. The coaching and scouting staff will learn far more about McIlrath in a month of training camp and pre-season games... games that will have actual NHL talent. THAT is where we will find out where he is in his development.


I dunno. If the point is that McIlrath shouldn't be there, then I agree. However, if the point is that the tournament is a side show and a good showing is meaningless, then I strongly disagree.
That's not what was said. At all. Not even close. The tournament is a good introduction to the organization for the new draftees. It's a good chance for guys like St. Croix and Kristo to meet the coaching staff, learn the basic team philosophies, and get ready for their first professional season. It's a chance for Europeans like Fast and Lindberg and Spelling to see what North American hockey is all about and carefully integrate themselves into the culture and team. It's a chance for guys on tryouts to impress the scouts and earn a contract down the line.

It's NOT a showcasing of top prospects just for the sake of flexing our muscles. The only reason anyone here cares is because the games are hopefully going to be streamed and 90% of us don't get to watch a lot of these guys otherwise. If they were live streaming every minute of training camp and/or MSG broadcasted every Hartford Wolfpack game nobody would care whether McIlrath or Miller or whoever else was in this particular tournament. Which is fine so long as we acknowledge that this is all it is and not that Dylan McIlrath has something important to learn from a tournament like this when he's going to be spending months playing against Stepan and Lundqvist and McDonagh in scrimmages every day and against other team's NHL caliber players and prospects in the pre-season.

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